Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Net

The Net

Cast:  3 men or 3 boys.
Set & Wardrobe:  Any stage as there is minimal movement.  Robes and sandals and other attire to make a first century setting for 3 disciples.

Peter begins center stage.  The two brothers, James and John, enter stage right and Peter addresses them.

Peter:  Hey James, John, whazzzzzz up?
James:  Good parable today don’t you think Pete?
Peter:  Finally, one we didn’t have to ask him to explain.
James:  That’s always so embarrassing.
John:  Finally, a parable about fish and fishermen.
James:  Yeah, when we first signed on to this gig, Jesus was telling us that he would make us fishers of men.
Peter:  There hadn’t been too many fishing stories until today.
James:  Hey!  Did you hear the one about the one-armed man who went fishing and the big one got away?  [Holding up just one arm and hand.]  It was this long!
Peter and John:  [Not laughing at James’s joke grit their teeth in disapproval.]  Grrrrr
Peter:  Most of his stories take more thinking that I am used to.
John:  That’s for sure.
Peter:  But today Jesus got down to the nitty gritty.
James:  When this age is over it will be like God sends out his angels as fishermen.
John:  They will cast out their nets and pull in all of the fish.
Peter:  And then the sorting begins.
James:  Yeah, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
John:  What?
James:  Sorry, good fish, bad fish, happy fish, sad fish.
Peter:  That’s closer, except when Jesus was talking about fish, he meant people.
James:  At the end of the age there will be a separation of the good and the wicked.
John:  Good in the basket.  Bad in the fire.
James:  I thought we were going to heaven and not into a basket.
Peter:  Guys, it’s a parable.  We will all give an account of how we lived our lives.
James:  What do I need to do to end up in the basket instead of getting thrown away?
Peter:  Let’s just keep following Jesus.  If he wants fishermen on his team, I am sure that he will make a way for us to get to heaven.
John:  Or at least in the basket.
Peter:  Or in the basket.
All 3:  I know that Jesus will make a way for us to get in the basket even if he has to die for us.


The end.

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