Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Disfigured Faces

Disfigured Faces

Cast:  Two adults with exceptional pantomime skills. The second of the two needs to look overly distraught through facial expressions, slumping shoulders, and limpness of the body.  Speech should be dragged out to exaggerate an Eeyore type of pessimism.
Set:  Any.  Story advances on dialogue and body movements.

Why do you look so sad?
You know.
No, I don’t know.  Please tell me.
Following Jesus.
That makes you sad?
You know.
No, I don’t know.  Please tell me.
Gotta love your neighbor.
Supposed to love your enemy.
OK.  That’s a little more difficult.
Gotta be the light of the world.
I think you might have missed the boat on that one altogether.
[Drags out answer even more.]  Really?
Yes, really.
This following Jesus is tough stuff.
Yes, sometimes are tougher than others, but there is no need for this doom and gloom outlook.
I need to be a good disciple and give up myself for him.
And you need to do it with a smile on your face and not like you have been stuck driving behind 4 cattle trucks in August all day long.
But I want everyone to know that I am following Jesus and even trying to love those who hate me.
Then do it without a disfigured face.
Jesus told the Jews who were practicing fasting, to quit walking around like they would never eat again.  If you are fasting because it is what God wants you to do, then have some enthusiasm about it.
It does seem to be a little hypocritical to say I am following Jesus and then act like it’s sucking the life out of me.
A little?
[Stops dragging out speech.]  OK.  A lot.
If we do what Jesus tells us to do or the Spirit leads us to do or what we already know to do from reading God’s word, God sees it.
I knew that.  It’s just…
Hard to break away from that old nature.
We are promised that God will reward us for being obedient to him.  We don’t care if others see it or not.
[Both nodding agreement and start to walk off stage.]
It’s time to follow Jesus with a smile on my face.
[Drags out speech to tease partner.]  I would saaaaay sooooo.
Stop it!
[Still dragging out speech but with a big smile.]  OooooooKaaaay.
Stop it!

The end.

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