Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

Cast:  Two friends (teen to adult) that engage in conversation.
Set:  Any set.  The skit hinges on quick moving conversation and some animated gesturing.  There is much head nodding in agreement during the conversations about eating great food.

Both pantomime eating a burger and fries to begin the skit.

[Sighing.]  Another happy meal.  Oh well.  I guess it’s filling.
[Raised eyebrow.]  Whether it’s nutritious or not is another story.
Beats Ramen.
Oh, but Ramen is filling.
They do a great job of making preservatives taste good don’t they?
Of course, there is nothing like a Thanksgiving dinner.
Oh yeah.  Turkey, dressing, gravy, mmmmm…
And the pies.  Oh how I love the pies.
Squash casserole, macaroni and cheese, and the smells.
[Big inhale.  Speaks during exhale.]  Oh, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking makes me feel like I am in love.
But I also love me a ham at Easter.  He is risen, hallelujah!  Pass the ham.  Amen!
Or at Christmas.
Or Hanukah?
Not so much.
OK, at any other time you can find someone serving ham and mashed potatoes and fried okra.
What could be better?
As you asked, how about a ribeye cooked on the grill, with salad, and baked potato.
Ranch on the salad and loaded baked potato.
Of course!
Wow, that’s some good eating.
Yes it is.
Do you know what a happy meal, Ramen, turkey, ham, steak, and baked potatoes have in common?
I love them all?
Other than that.
You eat them and they are gone. 
Isn’t that the way with all food?
Pretty much, with a notable exception.
I’m listening.
The bread of life.
Does Wonder Bread make that?
Sarah Lee?  Nobody does it like Sarah Lee.
No, in fact you won’t find any of the typical things in this bread that you would in your regular bread.
What?  Is this a no calorie, high fiber, sports bread or something like that?
Let’s go with something like that.
Jesus called himself the bread of life.
Sort of like the breakfast of champions.
I think that’s Wheaties. Anyway, in John’s gospel after Jesus blessed five loaves and two fishes and his disciples fed the multitude, he went across the sea towards Capernaum. 
I remember that part because he walked on water.
Right, but when he got to the other side he told people that were following him--[Makes sweeping gesture with one arm to signify people having to go around.]—they had to go the long way around the lake mind you—anyway, Jesus told these people that life is not about getting a free meal but on the other hand, he said not to get wrapped up on working hard just to get food that perishes.
What other kind of food is there, well other than MREs.  Those things and Ramen have enough preservatives to last for centuries.
The kind that brings eternal life.
OK, I see, maybe, I think. 
What do you think?
I think the bread of life is a life-sustaining relationship with Jesus Christ.
If Jesus is my daily portion—like manna in the desert for God’s Chosen People—then I will know real life.
Abundant life?
That’s better than turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving.
Or a BLT with ice tea under a shade tree on a sunny day.
The bread of life.
It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
[Both begin to exit continuing to talk as they walk.]
This is so making me hungry.
For life?
Yes, and maybe a turkey sandwich.
With mayo, lettuce, tomato, pepper…
I’m starved….[Conversation fades out.]

The end.

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