Monday, May 15, 2017

Wanna Get Away

Wanna Get Away
Matthew 25:14-30

Cast:  Two people of either gender who are already friends and who know God and know their Bible.

Set:  Any.  Action proceeds in dialogue only.

Person 1 (P1) is on stage singing frantically as if very worried. Person 2 (P2) approaches. 

P1:  [Singing frantically.]  I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.
P2:  Time for vacation again?  I thought you just took one.
P1:  No vacation.  I just need to get away.
P2:  Oh, you found one of those Wanna Get Away deals like they advertise on TV?
P1:  No I didn’t have time to look for a special.  I just need to get out of town.
P2:  Anything that I might need to know about.  Is your picture on display in the Post Office?
P1:  No.  It’s worse.
P2:  Really?  Sounds like you are on the lamb.
P1:  I am and I don’t like that metaphor.
P2:  OK.  I will try this again.  Are you on the run?
P1:  Yes.
P2:  From the law?
P1:  Worse.
P2:  You have my complete attention.  From what?
P1:  Not what, who.
P2:  The objective case is whom.
P1:  Don’t go Grammar Nazi on me now.  I’ve got to hit the road.
P2:  OK.  Tell me the who or the whom or the whomever.
P1:  God.
P2:  God?
P1:  Yes, God.  I’m running away from God.
P2:  Do you think it is going to work?
P1:  No, but what choice do I have?
P2:  Whatever you did, he will forgive you.  The blood of Jesus has all of your sins covered.
P1:  It’s not something that I did.  It’s something that he wants me to do.
P2:  What does he want you to do?
P1:  He wants me to invite the people across the street to worship this Sunday.
P2:  Wow!  God spoke to you.  Wow!
P1:  Not in words.  You know that Spirit that everyone says you have in you.
P2:  Yes, God’s own Spirit, the Holy Spirit.
P1:  That’s the one and he is telling me to talk to those people across the street.
P2:  And that’s why you are running away.
P1:  And I think he wants me to be a part of a fellowship team and help in the food pantry.
P2:  These are all things that you can do.  I know you, these things are right down your alley.
P1:  I know and that’s what scares me.  I might be good at them and then he might ask me to do more.
P2:  Well, Jonah, what are you going to do?
P1:  I’m not going by sea so I am not going to get swallowed by a fish. So don’t call me Jonah.
P2:  No, but you are running from God because he is telling you exactly what you need to do and you know it.
P1:  I know that I know it, but if I invite those people then they might come and want to be a part of God’s love and profess him as Lord and Savior.
P2:  And this is a bad thing because?
P1:  They might repent and believe the good news about Jesus.  They might get away with all of the bad stuff that they have done.
P2:  You are right.
P1:  That I should run away.
P2:  No, that I shouldn’t call you Jonah.  I think that I will call you Saint Jonah. 
P1:  I’m no saint.
P2:  Actually, you are, but not in the goody-two-shoes sense that I was using the term.
P1:  I know, I know, but it seems like these people would get off Scott free.
P2:  You mean like us?
P1:  Yes, like us.  [singing.]  Jesus paid it all, all to him I owe.
P2:  This is a good thing!  But what about being on a fellowship team and helping in the food pantry?
P1:  I am afraid that I will mess up and then God won’t like me.
P2:  There is unsound theology and there is downright terrible theology.
P1:  I know, I know.  I am burying my talent in the ground, right?
P2:  No.  You are burying your talents—plural—in the ground.  You have been trusted like the first servant and trying to live like the third servant.
P1:  It’s just hard to wrap my head around the fact that God loves me and trusts me.
P2:  Well, I am going to use a highly theological term for what you need to do.  Ready?
P1:  Sure.
P2:  Suck it up, Buttercup!
P1:  Buttercup, really?
P2:  Would you prefer Jonah?
P1:  No, and that Buttercup business is not in the Bible.
P2:  Remember, in the Parable of the Talents, the master called the third servant wicked and lazy?
P1:  Yes, but…
P2:  I thought that I would try suck it up Buttercup before you decided to act like the third servant and have to wear those labels.
P1:  Thanks, I think.
P2:  Do you remember what the master called the first two servants?
P1:  Good and faithful.  I remember.
P2:  Do you also remember that they put what their master had given them to work right away?
P1:  I remember.  I get your point.  I need to stop running away from God.  I need to take what he gave me and put it to work and I need to produce some good fruit for God’s kingdom.
P2:  Sounds like you know exactly what to do.
P1:  I do. I just want to do it because I want to bring glory to God and not because I’m afraid of ending up in a big fish or thrown out into the outer darkness.
P2:  That’s good motivation.  Hey, why don’t we both walk over and talk with your neighbor.
P1:  OK.  Let’s get this putting my gifts to work show on the road.
P2:  Better than hitting the road trying to run away from God, don’t you think.
P1:  Amen to that.

The end.

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