Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice

Where was I in that scripture?  (scratches head as he looks.)

Ok, got it.  Offer yourselves as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God.  (Nods head up and down showing agreement at first.  Then looks at audience with thousand-mile stare totally confused).

I am no biblical scholar but living and sacrifice don’t seem to go together.  It’s one of those cart before the ox things or oxes and Mormons, or oxiclean detergent or… (Hand to chin thinking very hard).

Oxymoron, that’s it.  Two words that just don’t go together, like short sermon (look over your shoulder at the pastor and play it for all it’s worth).  

(Picks up Bible and looks at the outside cover).

Yep, that’s my Bible.  I guess it’s really in there.  This is the one that the church gave me.

Living Sacrifice.  That’s some serious stuff!  I know that the sacrifices in the Old Testament didn’t get to go home on sacrifice day.  It was like game over for them.  It was good for the guy making the sacrifice but not so much for the animal headed to the altar.

Living Sacrifice? (Shaking head left to right struggling to understand).   That’s one to think on.  (Palms up and shrugging shoulders).  I thought giving 10% off the top was pretty steep.  I know that God returns that to me many times over, but giving my whole life as a sacrifice... That’s for real following Jesus).

Wow.  That’s for real.

(Grabs forehead showing that he just remembered something important).
I’ve got choir practice!  This following Jesus stuff is full time.  Somebody needs to get scripture and music coordinated.  I’m going to give my whole life to Jesus and then have to learn some songs on top of that.

(Looking at the sky trying to remember something).  What was that song we were learning?

That’s it (Starts walking off stage).
Jesus paid it all.  All to him I owe.

Jesus paid it all.  All to him I owe.              

Exit.    The end.

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