Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Iron Sharpens Iron

Iron Sharpens Iron

Cast:  1 Adult & 3 Boys prone to physical activity
Set:  Stage center of a church sanctuary.
Setting:  During a church service without introduction.    

On cue, two boys sitting in a front pew start arguing and then stand and pushing each other until they are center stage.  A wrestling match begins.
A third larger boy breaks towards them and pushes them apart.
The first two look at each other and say, “Let’s get him.”
A three-way wrestling match ensues.
An adult rushes to the scene and stands before them.
The boys stop wrestling and stand, put their hands in their pockets and start looking around like nothing happened.

Adult:  What’s going on here?
Boy 1:  Nothin’
Boy 2:  Nothing at all sir.
Boy 3:  Nothing, really.
Adult:  Do you think that I am blind?
All three boys:  We were hoping…
Adult:  Let’s try this again.  What’s going on here.
Boy 1:  We’re just kids.
Boy 2:  And this makes us stronger.
Boy 3:  Yeah, you can’t get stronger without competition.
Adult:  So you like football and wrestling and that sort of stuff?
All three boys:  Yeah.  We love it.
Adult [Jumping towards the kids]:   OK, Let’s go!
All three boys jump back:  What!
Adult:  Let’s go, but not wrestling.  Did you know that the Bible says that as iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another?
Boy 1:  Like wrestling.
Adult:  Yes.
Boy 2:  Like lifting weights.
Adult:  Yes.
Boy 3:  I don’t see any weights here and you won’t let us wrestle.
Adult:  I am talking about your spiritual muscle.
All three boys:  What?
Adult:  Just like when you wrestle each other, when you discuss God’s word with each other and try to make it part of your life, your spiritual muscle gets stronger.
All three boys:  That’s cool.
Adult:  And if you don’t have each other, you can always read the Bible and be ready for the next time you are with each other.
All three boys:  Like individual workouts.
Adult:  Right, but you develop your best fitness when you workout with each other.
Boy 1:  That’s hard to do when you have to sit in a pew and be quiet.
Adult:  You can still work out.  Let’s see what happens.  If I were to say—God Loves You…
All three boys:  Love one another.
Adult:  How about, Trust in the Lord with all you heart…
Boys:  And lean not on your own understanding.
Adult:  In all your ways acknowledge him…
All three boys:  And he will keep your paths straight.
Adult:  You’ve already got the hang of this.  My dear brothers and sisters, be…
Boy 1:  Quick to listen,
Boy 2:  Slow to speak,
Boy 3:  And slow to become angry,
All three boys:  For man’s anger cannot produce the righteous life that God desires.
Adult:  So if the preacher were to say that somebody was afraid, you might think…
All three boys:  God did not give us a spirit of fear.
Adult:  Wow.
All three boys:  Or we might think—be strong and courageous.
Adult:  I think you have the hang of this spiritual workout. 
Boy 1:  So just tune in with the message and see if it challenges our spiritual muscle.
Adult:  Exactly.
Boy 2:  Or even the songs are like doing reps with the weights.
Adult:  That’s good.
Boy 3:  And even when we pray, it’s like a time for the coach to talk to us.
Adult:  Wow.  I think you have got it.  Now off to your seats.
As the boys walk away they are talking.
Boy 1:  I think we could have taken him.
Boy 2:  I don’t know?  He’s pretty big.
Boy 3:  Yeah but he’s old.
All three boys:  Yeah he is pretty old.  Wait ‘til next year!  Yeah, next year!

The end.

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