Thursday, January 26, 2017

Borrower is slave to the lender

Borrower is slave to the lender

Cast:  2 Girls old enough to have smart phones and charge accounts.
Set:  Any.  Action proceeds entirely though conversation and gesturing.

Girl 1:  I just love the freedom that I have in Christ.
Girl 2:  I just don’t get all this freedom stuff you keep talking about.
G1:  It’s just that…
G2:  (INTERRUPTING and showing G1 something on her phone)  I have just got to have that!
G1:  It’s nice but do you really nee…
G2 (INTERRUPTING AGAIN):  Too late!  I just ordered it.
G1:  That was quick.
G2:  One click ordering.  Oh, oh, oh, look at his this.  Never mind.  You can see it when it comes in.  I just ordered it.
G1:  One click again?
G2:  No girlfriend.  I have a charge account with the store.
G1:  I never knew that you were so rich.
G2:  Oh you betcha, wellllll, sort of…
G1:  I’m thinking there is a difference between you betcha and sort of.
G2:  Sort of.
G1:  You mean you are rich until the bills come in and then it’s like everybody wants money from you.
G2:  Like they own you?
G1:  Like a slave!
G2:  Exactly!  Is it like that for you too!
G1:  No.
G2:  No?
G1:  I don’t do debt.  The Bible teaches that the borrower is slave to the lender.  I am not going to be a slave to any person on this planet even if their company sells a whole bunch of really cool stuff.
G2:  But you gotta have the stuff.
G1:  Not really.
G2:  How do you satisfy your cravings for stuff? 
G1:  Freedom.
G2:  What?  Freedom?  From what?
G1:  Freedom from thinking that there is anything in this world that can really meet my needs.
G2:  But you still have needs?  So you just go without?
G1:  No.  Jesus meets all of my needs.
G2:  Maybe I need some of this Jesus.
G1:  There’s no maybe about it girl.
G2:  Does he have one-click?  I’ll buy some of this Jesus right now.
G1:  Better than one-click and better than buying.
G2:  Now I am interested.
G1:  Good.  Let’s take all of the one-click apps off of your phone, close your charge accounts, and then we will talk about true riches and freedom that we have in Christ.
G2:  OK.  But you could have started with that you know?
G1:  I know.

Exit stage

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